A Guide to the Different Types of Bongs and the Advantages They Offer

Nowadays, it is simple to take CBD or THC in a number of forms, including blunts, thai sticks, joints, edibles, wax, and oil. Despite all of these novel and fascinating ways to smoke cannabis, bongs continue to be the most popular technique. In addition to the several methods of cannabis consumption, there are also numerous glass bongs available.

Bongs are constructed from a variety of materials.

When it comes to bong construction, glass is the most common material used. Glass has no impact on the flavour of the smoke, therefore it provides a pure, unadulterated experience. Because glass is transparent, it is extremely simple to see whether resins have accumulated. This also makes it easier to clean if the pile grows out of control. Due to these considerations, glass bongs are more costly than bongs constructed from other materials.


Due of its longevity, plastic is the second most common material used to create bongs. Coughing and dropping a plastic bong at the time of a coughing episode will just result in a water stain on the carpet. Compared enail kit to bongs constructed from other materials, plastic bongs happen to be less expensive. Plastic bongs happen to be ideal for travel since they are resistant to breaking and do not shatter or crack like their more delicate glass and ceramic counterparts. The only disadvantage of using a plastic bong is that it may subtly alter the flavour of the smoke that you inhale.


While some materials on this list may be lighter and more durable, ceramic bongs are often heavier and more durable. Due to this characteristic and the inherent fragility of the material, ceramic bongs are famously difficult to transport. Because clay is so pliable and simple to manipulate, it may take on a wide variety of different forms, sizes, and colours. Ceramic glass bongs are more costly than their plastic counterparts because they need more labour to produce. They make wonderful party favours and decorative items that may be placed in a closet or on a shelf when they are not in use.

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