World of Warcraft Bots Welcome To the Darkside


According to World of warcraft Gamers, there is nothing they dislike more than an online gamer who Buy WoW Classic WotLK Gold  resorts to using cheats and cheat codes. Their intent is to find a way to beat the game or beat a specific level, without putting in the time or hard work that everyone else has.

The problem is, Blizzard has secured the game from most cheats and cheat codes, so people who are searching for World of warcraft cheat codes and cheats usually end up empty handed. A small percentage of them end up using a World of warcraft bot.

For those of you who are not yet aware of it, a bot is an automated piece of software that will emulate the behavior of a human. By using a World of warcraft bot, players will be able to move through the various levels of the game faster.

This allows a new player using a World of warcraft bot will be able to level up faster, which means that they will be able to reach level 60 faster. Using a World of warcraft bot is clearly cheating and is heavily frowned upon by the people at Blizzard.

In the last few months of 2006, Blizzard got more aggressive in the fight against bots and banned more than ten thousand gamers for using a World of warcraft bots to take them through the leveling and the grinding processes of the game.

Banning these users did not necessarily make too much of a difference for the World of warcraft bot users. Now they just take more steps to not get caught in the act of botting. They don’t care that using a World of warcraft bot is against the Terms of Service which you must agree to when you create your game account.

The Terms of Service also prohibits using third party automating services, third party power leveling services as well as the use of hacks, data mining and cheats. If you take a closer look you will see that using a bot is using a third party automating service.

You will also find that you cannot share or use your account with others, nor can you trade your accounts to other people. You can only share your account if you are sharing it with a minor and you are their parent or guardian. If you have questions or concerns about getting your account banned, you should refer to the World of warcraft Terms of Service.

Most people don’t bother to read the Terms of Service and will just click on the agree button to start playing the game as quickly as possible. Those who do read it only read the beginning few paragraphs and skip, or skim through the rest of it. This might explain how some people might miss the section covering the usage of a World of warcraft bot or a third party automating service.

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