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Agak Agak Program

A Social Enterprise that was establish in April 2016, Agak Agak Initiative has since seen our first batch of apprentices in training go through their 1 year comitment to bettering their skill sets within the F&B Industry. We are currently recruiting our second batch of apprenticees for our 2nd cohort and await for their training to start in July 2017. 

Stay tuned to our blog for updates.
Here are some of the underlying issues facing our industry:
  • High number of unemployed youth*
  • Low skilled workforce within Food and Beverage Industry**
  • Negative perception towards this industry

*Abdul Wahid (2015). Business Leaders Dialogue Session
**M. Salleh, A Hamid, Hashim & Omain (2010) Issues and Challenges in Malaysian Hospital Operations

Agak Agak Program

  1. Program
    We believe that a one year Apprenticeship Program which requires on the job training and coaching will ensure sufficient skills and know how which will help youth obtain employment in any field they wish to pursue a career in.
  2. Apprentice
    A recruitment strategy which aims to focus on surrounding areas of Bangsar and we aim to select only 8 - 12 apprentices each year. They will be put through multiple assessments before being rewarded with a placement in our program.
  3. Kitchen Training
    Kitchen and Service training will be done hand in hand with about 20% of the training consisting of theory based classes and 80% will be on the job training and monitoring.
  4. Leadership Training
    Leadership training will focus on specialized skills that has been chosen by the apprentice alongside assisting apprentice to think about career development and providing apprentices with basic business and administration know how
  5. Certification
    Upon completion of the program, all apprentices that succeed will receive an official reference letter and letter of recommendation
  6. Career
    We will provide one vacancy within Agak Agak and encourage our graduates to apply for jobs within our community of partners as well as any other establishments they wish to work with. We will also harness and encourage entrepreneurship within our graduates to pursue their dreams of starting up their own businesses.

Our Ask

  1. Funding
    Funding will be use to support and train 8 - 12 a year
  2. Partnerships and Ideas
    Build key relationships with individuals and organizations who want to uplift the F&B industry in Malaysia
  3. In Kind Support
    In kind support in the form of training facilities, expertise, donations and sponsorships.