Reloading and Building Your own Ammunition is an Important Part of Prepping


Should you Reload Ammunition?

In the quantities of ammunition you must have for the WROL lifestyle it is more cost effective to invest in reloading equipment, buy the supplies and build your own ammunition. You are able to pace your purchases and therefore, spread out the cost of supplying enough ammunition to meet your needs. You will spend time at night and on weekends doing the various stages of building the ammunition. This will allow you to allocate your time wisely and build your ammunition supplies.Winchester primers for sale

So, yes. You should strongly consider learning to reload and build your own ammunition.

Reloading Considerations

If you are able to buy ammunition in bulk you can quickly fill the needs you have for ammunition. Shop wisely and you will have what you need.

Just understand. You will pay 50% – 100% more for your ammunition than I did but you will not have spent a year building bullets at night. Your choice.

Reloading is not for everyone. You should be a bit of a perfectionist and be comfortable with numbers. Not necessarily good with math as you rarely have to do equations. However, there are a vast amount of numbers that you must understand and have a sense of perfection in the various stages of building ammunition.

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