How to Develop Professional Level Cartoon Drawing Skill


Drawing shows is a great hobby which not only entertains the anime maker but also others that watch the drawing. The easy hobby of anime making can be become a lucrative career also. These days with skyrocketing demand of anime makers it is not going to be a too tough task.

But to essentially make professional quality shows you need to learn this art well. This is not to say that you should be doing a four-year course in some foreign university to learn the art properly. What I want to say here is you will probably have great talents but without some lessons in basics of anime drawing your talent may not get opportunity to become visible.

True it’s very easy to get started with anime drawing. Just have a pen and a piece of paper and you are ready to go. But behind this apparent simplicity there is a hidden universe! There is a lot to learn and practice. And if you are not well guided properly from the outset there is every chance you will be lost in this amazing world.

So the most important thing here is

Get your basics right: there are some basic techniques how old is squidward. And you need to get them right. Things like: perspective, use of shadows etc are central source of any kind of drawing. And as an aspiring artist you need to be master of his drawing techniques.

Once you have strong basic skills build upon that: once you have the basic skills you need to build upon that. Learn how to draw expressive characters, how to make your arrangement convey an email and other similar high-level techniques.

Choose your style of drawing: there have been various styles and schools of drawing to choose from. You may want to draw shows in Japanese people manga style, or maybe traditional Western european style of anime making is your favorite. Whatever it is select your style and stick to that.

Study from the works of pga masters: watch and study the works of great pga masters and try to study from their art. But do not copy their individual style because your goal should be creating your own signature style.

Never stop learning: this is very important never stop learning. Actually in this exciting world of cartooning there are so many things to learn and to be honest the art of anime making is growing every day, so if you rest you will get behind.

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