Agak Agak is a modern Malaysian restaurant that serves up local dishes with an edge. Employing youth from all backgrounds, Agak Agak aims to  push the boundaries of Malaysian food and showcase Malaysian hospitality
JOM! RIUH with Agak Agak and our Nasi Lemak Burger!
avaliable 19th August - 30th September
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February 23, Wei Ling Contemporary, The Gardens KL: Food by Dish by Ili powered by Agak Agak . Having been a part of this glorious event hosted by Buro 247 and Wei Ling Gallery  to asist with fund rasing for SPCA, It was an experience like no other for the team to see various different kinds of events and parties to broden their minds and their hearts to the wonders of hospitality.

Bernie Chan hosted the event and there was entertainment of all shapes and forms Tilt brush by GOOGLE, Corum Watch Towers, Looper 3-D immersive photo and not forgetting the legendary Ning Baizura who serenated the guests with her beautiful voice.

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